Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

We care about providing the users with the best experience and cookies help us to improve the functionality of site.

Using cookies allows us to personalize website visit but we do not use it for collecting any personally identifiable information like name or surname.

Files are saved on a drive of a user’s computer in order to adapt the site to users expectations and improving website browsing. Saving cookies on computers drive does not make any changes in equipment configuration nor in software.

In any moment user can change cookies settings or resign of using them and disable service in his browser. Detailed information about possibilities and ways of using cookies are available in software settings (internet browser). However this kind of change may cause problems with using some of the functions of our site or disable some options on the webpage.

This site uses cookies

Due to the settings of your browser and in order to improve the functioning of website, we use cookies. By continuing to browse the site without changing the cookies settings you are agreeing to use them which means that cookies will be placed on your end device. You can change it in your browsers settings.

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