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11.12 2013 Heart-Warming Memories

Heart-Warming Memories

Summer holidays are long gone. It is still winter. On gloomy winter evenings, we sometimes recall summer days and places visited during our holiday travels.

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12.11 2013 How to Teach Creatively?

How to Teach Creatively?

Everything around is changing. In order to keep up, we need to respond to the challenges. For teachers and educators, kindergarten education is one of such challenges. The P21 Project – Creative Kindergarten of the 21st Century can help with that.

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03.10 2013 Does Carp Like Sugar?

Does Carp Like Sugar?

On the 2nd of June, the Management Board of the PZW Strzyżów special activity group and the Karaś Association, with the support of Südzucker Polska - Strzyżów Sugar Plant, held a float competition combined with a family picnic.

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04.09 2013 The Most Important Day of the Year

The Most Important Day of the Year

For the last 50 years, the Children's Home in Górzec has been taking care of the most underprivileged children. A gala to celebrate the institution’s jubilee, Children’s Day and Foster Parents’ Day was held on the 15th of June. Just like every year, Südzucker Polska – Strzelin Sugar Plant supported the organization of the event.

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28.08 2013 Closer to Others

Closer to Others

Children are frank, joyful and carefree. The qualities that are sometimes forgotten in adulthood were reminded about on the 18th of August at the Sports Centre Stadium in Wielopole Skrzyńskie during the 14th run of Wielopolandia 2013, an integration gala for disabled and able-bodied children. The organization of the event was supported by Südzucker Polska – Ropczyce Sugar Plant.

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28.06 2013 Summer, summer Everywhere

Summer, summer Everywhere

Hot or moderately warm? Rainy or not? Long or short? Those were the questions asked by participants of the Family Gala which took place on 23 June in Polska Cerekiew to welcome the summer.

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21.12 2012 Santa Claus in children's home in Pawlikowice

Santa Claus in children's home in Pawlikowice

Christmas time is a special time and so was the meeting that took place on 19th December in childern's home "Moja Rodzina" (My Family) in Pawlikowice. Every person gathered around the Christmas Eve table felt the magic of this holiday.

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02.07 2012 Little Actors’ Theatre in Wroclaw

Little Actors’ Theatre in Wroclaw

It was for the fourth time that Primary School No. 51 and Lower Secondary School No. 12 in Wroclaw organised and hosted the Linguistic Review of Theatre Shorts. The event promotes an unusual form of foreign language teaching, namely theatrical plays.

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24.06 2012 Welcome Summer Gala in Polska Cerekiew

Welcome Summer Gala in Polska Cerekiew

On 24 June, 2012, to celebrate the school-year end, teachers from the Kindergarten and Primary School in Polska Cerekiew, together with the Parents’ Council, organised a family gala. Südzucker Polska – Cerekiew Sugar Factor became involved in preparing interesting surprises for the children.

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