Open Doors Day at 5 production plants

As part of our campaign ‘The Best is Near’, Südzucker Polska S.A. held Open Doors Days at its production plants. Our sugar plants in Strzelin, Świdnica, Polska Cerekiew, Ropczyce and Strzyżów were visited by nearly 1,000 people, with many more interested to visit us. Those who had a chance to get a close look at the sugar production process, from beet transport to the ready product storage, were very impressed. Our company has already announced the next edition in 2019.

The beginning of autumn is a unique time for all sugar plants in Poland. It is the time when the sugar campaign starts and lasts almost six months when work at production plants is in full swing, 24 hours a day. Südzucker Polska S.A. decided to use the production peak at its sugar plants to enable visitors to get an insider’s view of the company’s operations. During the event, visitors could learn about Poland’s long sugar-making tradition and the history of production plants located in their towns. Some of them are more than 150 years old and form an integral part of local communities. After a presentation of the theoretical aspect of sugar production, our guests got a close look at the path travelled by a beet seed on the way to becoming Cukier Królewski sugar. Visitors were accompanied by experienced tour guides who are regular employees of our production plant. They tried to satisfy visitors’ curiosity by answering all questions, even the most difficult ones or those popped by our youngest guests.
‘Open Doors Days at our sugar plants were immensely popular. In all our locations, places were snatched almost as soon as registration was opened. Very many families with children visited, but elderly people came, too. Quite often, they were former sugar plant employees who jumped at the opportunity to see the changes we’ve made to the plants. They were very impressed by our modernisation’, says Magdalena Budzyńska, Corporate Communication Manager at Südzucker Polska SA. ‘All our guests agreed that the possibility to see such a large plant from the inside is a great idea’, adds Magdalena Budzyńska.
After the tour, the youngest visitors could enjoy additional attractions prepared by the organisers. They could see impressive scientific experiments e.g. with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Children also took part in workshops during which they could make their own candy in all shapes and sizes.

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