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25.11 2016

Südzucker earns certificate for sustainable beet cultivation in Europe

Südzucker AG and its sugar beet farmers in Germany, France and Poland have successfully demonstrated that their beet cultivation operations are sustainable by obtaining the REDcert2 certification. In addition, they have proven that the methods used comply with the silver status criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI) at the first go.

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29.02 2016

Cukier Królewski’s high five

It has almost become a tradition that with the beginning of the year Cukier Królewski receives a gold Consumers’ Laurel. It has been the fifth award of this title to our brand and sixth, if we add the elite Consumers’ Laurel – Leader of the 2004–2014 Decade. This great success would not have been possible without our innovative products and a continuing dialogue with consumers which, in our opinion, is the key to an offer satisfying real market needs.

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04.01 2016

2015/16 campaign has ended

After last year's record campaign in terms of crops and duration, the 2015/16 beet campaign has ended. Ropczyce sugar factory was working the longest this year.

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02.12 2015

Winter kitchen full of presents and sweets

As in previous years, with Christmas comes the time for our winter promotion, tastings and Sweet Acts of Kindness of Cukier Królewski. Lovers of home-made cakes and cookies now have the unique opportunity to win special kitchen towels with original messages. Additionally, at selected stores, customers will be able to savour delicious cookies with icing sugar or get a warm waffle for a kind act.

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24.11 2015

Sweet acts of kindness rewarded with sweet waffles!

On 21 November, we celebrated the International Day of Kindness and Greetings. However, with the belief that mutual kindness should be promoted every day, we held the third Sweet Acts of Kindness campaign. During the event, the Waffle Bus will arrive in cities chosen in an Internet poll and its team will reward each and every kind word and act with a free warm waffle dusted with icing sugar.

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26.10 2015

The Waffle Bus is back and you can decide where it should go!

Soon it will be the third winter of the Sweet Acts of Kindness campaign! The campaign will involve the Waffle Bus coming to selected Polish cities and its crew will be offering delicious waffles to any kind person. Just like the last year, destinations of this unusual vehicle will be chosen in an Internet poll. Anyone can invite the Waffle Bus to where they live! How? Just visit our fanpage and vote!

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07.09 2015

55,000 fans also believe that LIFE IS SWEET!

It has been four years this March since the Life is Sweet Facebook profile was launched. During all that time, the manufacturer of Cukier Królewski has been trying to meet the expectations of fans by offering not only lots of competitions and interesting campaigns, but also involving them in developing the profile.

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27.07 2015

Cukier Królewski and Delecta together again

Cukier Królewski and Delecta have once again prepared an attractive promotion for all those who make their own jam, fruit spread or confiture. The two brands join forces again because their offer met with great interest last year. All customers who buy three packets of Delecta’s Dżemix will receive an extra kilogram of Cukier Królewski white sugar.

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01.07 2015

Summer relaxation with Cukier Królewski competitions

This summer, the cane sugar family will be the star of the Cukier Królewski brand. Just like every year, cooking fans will have the opportunity to win attractive prizes as part of a consumer promotion. Moreover, brand envoys are going to tour the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Lemonbus, handing out sweet refreshments: lemonade with cane sugar. Chillout zones will also be created at Lemonbus tour stops. You will be able to relax there and take part in quizzes with beach prizes to win.

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