Quality Management

Quality Assurance Systems

It is our priority to ensure that our products are safe and of top quality. We achieve that objective by means of our quality assurance systems developed through a detailed review of our production processes and management procedures, with their findings applied to actual activities performed at our sugar factories and offices. However, we adapted them, above all, to the needs and key objectives of our organisation, which is the provision of top quality and safe products which meet customer requirements.

At all of our sugar factories, production is organised in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines and principles of hygiene and food health safety. The standards adopted by us are included in the Codex Alimentarius and have been implemented based on a certified HACCP system. Additionally, all of our factories, the head office and the sales department have a certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in place.

We meet the highest production and service standards also thanks to the implementation of IFS and BRC systems, as well as KOSHER and ECO, in respect of distribution and warehousing of organic sugar.

In order to maintain all systems in place at Südzucker Polska at a high level, we need the full commitment of all staff. Every day, we work to ensure the continuous development of our organisation, meeting the quality standards for sugar and, last but not least, the continuous improvement of our organisation, which is one of the key principles of any quality management system.

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