Quality Management

REDcert EU

The REDcert EU system covers the purchase of sugar beet and production of sugar beet molasses being a raw material for the manufacture of ethanol used as biofuel. The legal requirements are based on the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council 2009/28/WE from April 23rd 2009. It refers to promoting the use of energy from renewable sources and amends and subsequently repeals 2001/77/WE and 2003/30/WE directives. The certificate protects natural habitats as well as ensures sustainability in agriculture and reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Sugar beets (and other crops cultivate for subsequent processing into biofuels) should be grown with the principles of sustainability. Moreover, the GHG emission associated with their cultivation must be determined. Sugar plants are also obligated to calculate GHG emission from the production and distribution of molasses. The obtained value is provided to a client.

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