Since the beginning of our presence in the Polish market, we have been doing our best to be as close to the local communities as possible. All our factories, the head office in Wroclaw, and the sales office in Krakow have been eager participants in local events.

We play a role in the life of our region as a sponsor of cultural and charity events, including the harvest festival, Children’s Day, festivals or Santa Claus day. We have actively involved also thanks to the great commitment of our employees.

The youngest members of local communities have always been our priority. Their needs are of special importance to us. Therefore, we do our best to assist institutions which are responsible for the care of children. We are aware of the great potential of a peaceful and carefree childhood.

What is also very important to us are the special family times during the year, such as Christmas or Easter. During those holidays, we do our best to assist the most underprivileged members of regional communities, both financially and through personal commitment.

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