06.11 2013 With Polonia Throughout the Year

With Polonia Throughout the Year

Not only young players from primary school and lower secondary school train at Polonia, but also adults who are happy to use the opportunity of a professional training. There are as many as four football sections at the club: for children, youngsters, juniors and seniors.

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24.09 2013 The Solidarity Run

The Solidarity Run

The Solidarity Run is organized every year to commemorate the events of August 1980 and it has already become a permanent fixture in the schedule of Wrocław’s sporting events. The 23rd run attracted a large group of supporters, both runners and fans.

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07.05 2013

A Foretaste of Olympic Excitement

Over one hundred intellectually disabled athletes participated in the 7th Lower Silesian Swimming Meeting of Special Olympics at the Wrocław AWF pool on 11 April. It was the first qualification stage for the swimming team which will represent Poland at the 14th World Summer Special Olympics in Los Angeles in 2015.

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29.04 2013

Strzelin Tigers Attack

When a Polish women’s volleyball team’s match is broadcast on TV, it is watched by people all over Poland. Our ‘Złotka’ arouse a lot of emotions. The Volleyball Tournament in Białołęka had also been very popular for years, attracting crowds of fans in the stands.

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01.04 2013

Charmed Dance Success

Passion, talent and hard work were the recipe for success for dance couples who got on the podium of the 3rd Strzelin Region Cup Polish Ballroom Dance Tournament. About a hundred of dancing pairs from all over Poland competed for the trophy and several hundreds of fans cheered for them. Just like every year, Südzucker Polska was one of the sponsors of the event.

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05.12 2012 Bryksy Cross cycle race

Bryksy Cross cycle race

Gościęcin is lucky for me - said Marek Konwa from Zielona-Góra, a 22-year-old Olympic competitor in London who won Bryksy Cross - the XIX cross-country cycle race on 2nd December 2012.

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05.06 2012 Krakow in the Rhythm of Rock‘n’Roll

Krakow in the Rhythm of Rock‘n’Roll

Everyone can dance... a little better or a little worse, but there are some who cannot live without dancing. You could find out at the Polish Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Dance Championship which was held at the KS Korona Kraków arena on 2 June, 2012.

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10.05 2012 School Euro 2012 in Strzelin

School Euro 2012 in Strzelin

On 8 May, 2012, School Euro 2012 sports and leisure tournament took place at the Lower Secondary School No. 2 in Strzelin, as part of the national I'm a fan with a capital F programme.

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20.03 2012 Dance Gala in Strzelin

Dance Gala in Strzelin

More than 140 pairs of dancers, 46 dance clubs from all over Poland, 10 hours on the dance floor – a very brief account of the 2nd Strzelin Region Cup National Dance Tournament which took place on 17 March, 2012 in the arena of the Lower Secondary School No. 2 in Strzelin.

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