Good relationships with suppliers, based on mutual respect and trust, are at the heart of the top quality of our products

As we produce sugar to high corporate social responsibility standards, we expect our business partners to represent values that are dear to us, as well. Therefore, each of our suppliers is required to satisfy Südzucker Polska S.A. requirements in the area of quality, safety and environmental protection, and comply with the basic principles as set out by the International Labour Organisation. As we want to assist suppliers in meeting our expectations, we offer them a range of development schemes.

We buy and sell products responsibly so that our customers can be assured that our products are manufactured in the appropriate conditions and all people involved are treated fairly. Therefore, we expect our business partners to ensure good work conditions for their staff and assist them in doing that. Our buyers are aware of the fact that the key to ensuring the best product offer is building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers that share our values and meet our high standards.

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